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Site Assessment and Rescue Plan

We offer professional assistance in the development of a viable emergency action plan. This includes everything from how to raise the alarm, to incident coordination and effective response and execution of the developed access and rescue procedures. We tailor a live document to ensure it is specific for your site's needs and maintains viability as the site and risks evolve.

Site Desktop Audit

To assess current emergency policies/procedures and conduct a gap analysis to provide you with our professional recommendations and a tailored plan to suit your site's needs based on risk and ensure compliance with current legislations.

Quality Assurance Exercise and Assessment 

We run an exercise to simulate a realistic incident and challenge your emergency procedures to provide operational assurance. This gives all rescue participants the necessary first-hand experience of resolving an emergency on-site. This may also highlight any areas for development which will be included in our professional recommendations and report.

Equipment Inspection and Report

We offer a thorough examination and report to ensure your equipment is compliant with WAHR, LOLER, PUWER and the PPE regulations.


We can provide professional rescue operators to your site who will provide on-site rescue cover. We offer rescue team cover to all teams with specialist experience in the UK emergency service (Police, Fire and Ambulance) with backgrounds in confined space, rescue at height/depth and technical access, for any situation. 

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